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I came to South Africa in 1998 to complete a research project at the University of Johannesburg and since that day, I have not looked back! My passion for travel, wildlife as well as my desire for discovery led me all over the African continent. I highly believe in a sustainable tourism which respects the natural habitats and benefits the local communities. When the opportunity arises, I often escape from the office to accompany some of our tour groups on their trips or just going on my own to explore…



Originally from Rwanda, I came in South Africa in1999. I am a National guide since 2002 and my passion for travel is never altered. Guiding Biwakwango clients is a real priviledge for me and I like to share the extraordinary beauty of countries and places that we experience and explore either in trek, 4x4 or other means!



I was born in Botswana and wouldn’t want to live anywhere but in Africa! I came in South Africa to study marketing and business management and this country has become the place where I spend most of my time. I joined Biwakwango in 2011 and work part time on marketing and office admin but never miss an occasion to join a tour or spend some few days in the bush.



Originally from Normandy , I ran way from umbrellas to look for parasols in Cape Town in 2001! On top of the sun, I actually also found beautiful landscapes, extraordinary wildlife, happy and lively people, a great energy and even good wines! In other words, I am mad of South Africa , it grabs me and it is always a pleasure to help visitors who want to discover all the magic of it!

I enjoy life 100%: travel, surf, yoga, hiking, salsa, socialising, Nature…and my kitchen!



I am originally from the Republic Democratic of Congo, and I have been living in South Africa for 15 years now. I studied Tourism Management; however my passion is for traveling and human relations which then made me to take a guiding course to be a Tour Guide. With Biwakwango, I fully enjoy the combination of hiking and being in the bush!